Project Description

CUBA, 02-2016

“I never connected to the Internet, the first day i arrived they explained each step and the characteristics of the service, and although at first it was hard, they helped me a lot. The connection is fast but time flies away in a hurry. We always have a thousand doubts while we browse, imagine that for us it is the first time… We are like children and often time of the connection goes away just to figure out how to do certain operations.” A few months ago, the Ministry of Communications of Cuba has instructed the State-owned company, ETECSA, to install a wifi network in the most important squares of the town. A real revolution in a country where, until then, the network was a luxury for tourists. Now prices are rapidly dropping, 2CUC for an hour, about 2 euros, and Cubans use the network mostly to talk to relatives in Miami, use Facebook and manage blogs. Not having private spaces, the squares become a great place for communication, creating a more intimate and personal communications areas and areas where instead, as per the Latin culture, discussion becomes public, in the euphoria of a new frontier of their personal relationships.