Project Description

ITALIA, 07-2009

From over twenty years they come to Italy for the collection of oranges. Are Ghanaians, Sudanese, Ivorians, Senegalese. They come from Togo, Mauritania, Congo. But for years they are all ‘Italian’. To survive. To resist. To feed themselves. Every day they can take as little as 20 euro, even for twelve, fourteen hours bent double to pick oranges. Forced into the fields by the mafia. They sleep wherever it happens: tents, abandoned factories, dilapidated farmhouses. They are often the subject of racist behavior and victims of organized crime. In the silence, in the indifference. Nobody ever says, but they are clearly the ‘ndrine, the families of the Calabrian mafia, that most of all suck the blood to the last. The ‘ndrine that control the crop of oranges, they have everything in the Piana. Mafiosi are waiting for them to catch up, after Christmas. When the harvest time.