Whilst the Columbian government and army FARC (Forze Armate Rivoluzionarie Colombiane) sent out a white flag, last November, 7 million refugees have to face everyday the consequences of an on-going 50 year old conflict. Columbia, 48 million inhabitants, and the second country after Sudan having internal refugees: 1/3 of the agricultural population have been forced to leave their own farmlands. “Without our land, we are orphans”, says Jorge Aleán, Governor of the indigenous tribe Zenù di Tierra Santa, La Apartada, situated in the province of Cordoba, in the north of Columbia. The Desplazados (indigenous, afro descendants and farmers running from the pacific coast until the amazon forests) have been forced to live on the outskirts, living in miserable conditions, deprived of every right or public service, in secluded conditions, impossibile to move, even to cultivate a small plot or pick forest fruits, with greater sustenance repercussions.

Cinematographer Giorgio Palmera.
Sript Gino Bianchi.
Editing Elisa Cantelli.