BRAZIL, The Last Frontier

5000 km through seven states. The “Rodovia Transamazonica” connects Joao Pessoa to the border with Peru. lt’s a hard, remote and solitary road. Crossing the country following the path of the BR-230 is an almost introspective experience, where the road becomes a metaphor for the country. Among dust, heat and humidity, you can see the most controversial aspects of a country that to pursue economic growth has perhaps succumbed to too many compromises. How in a world apart, where they seem to perceive echoes of the characters of Jorge Amado, you can meet villages born on the illegal trade in valuable timber, transported by truck whose noise seems to disappear into thin air, or illegal gold mines in which they work ghosts of mud, mercury and cyanide. The good and the bad, often enemies, sometimes allies. Happen to meet evangelical pastors, God, Church and Soul, married with young girls. Not far away parties and prostitutes, in villages where with a little gold you can buy what you want.