UGANDA, Body And Soul

Marian, Christine, Sharon, Carol and Juliet have lived cult lives, lives of wars, hunger and pain. They have seen the worst of this continent and they have made their choice. They have chosen to play their aces: the winning cards of youth, beauty and audacity. For these girls, prostitution is a meal ticket to a different life, a way to access the world they have watched, entranced, on television, a world of luxury, comfort, where the plate is always full and the bed always comfortable. The alternative is a life of hardship, of rigid traditions that view women as the passive receptacles of men’s moods.
They left the villages for Kampala, to find a path to take them far from the world they knew as girls, a path to countries they view as the promised land: Britain, Germany, the America of films. They chase a dream that often disintegrates in front of an airport check-in, when their boyfriends return home, leaving them with many promises and often a child to raise.