UGANDA – Body And Soul


UGANDA, Body And Soul Marian, Christine, Sharon, Carol and Juliet have lived cult lives, lives of wars, hunger and pain. They have seen the worst of this continent and they have made their choice. They have chosen [...]



ARGENTINA, Memoria State terrorism that prevailed during the last military dictatorship systematized repression, until then in the hands of paramilitary groups, centralizing the repressive planning and exercising control over it by the organic structure of the armed security [...]

CUBA – Babalù Ayé


CUBA, Babalù Ayé The cult of Saint Lazarus is one of the most important traditions in Cuba, where every year on December 17th thousand of pilgrims flock to the Sanctuary dedicated to the saint, in a place named [...]

CUBA – New Generation


CUBA, New Generation Recently, the Cuban Communist Party has started a series of reforms, such as the ability to buy and sell cars. In addition there is now the possibility of opening of private activities and more than [...]

ROMA – In The Mood Of Silence


ROME, In The Mood Of Silence Me and my panoramic film camera walking silently around Rome, feeling the soul and wounds of my city. March 2020, Rome like many cities in the world is in lock down. [...]

BRAZIL – The Last Frontier


BRAZIL, The Last Frontier 5000 km through seven states. The “Rodovia Transamazonica” connects Joao Pessoa to the border with Peru. lt’s a hard, remote and solitary road. Crossing the country following the path of the BR-230 is an almost introspective experience, where [...]



PALESTINE, Shebab The photos were taken in Gaza and Ramallah, between May and October 2011 and depict the hope of the Palestinian children during the March 15 Movement, the segment of the Arab Spring that animated Gaza and the [...]

CUBA – Yo Soy Fidel


CUBA, Yo Soy Fidel On 25 November 2016, leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 marking the end of an era. From 29 November to 3 December, the casket carrying his [...]

COLOMBIA – Desplazados


COLOMBIA, Desplazados Whilst the Columbian government and army FARC (Forze Armate Rivoluzionarie Colombiane) sent out a white flag, last November, 7 million refugees have to face everyday the consequences of an on-going 50 year old conflict. Columbia, 48 [...]

BRAZIL – The Wizard’s Apprentice


BRAZIL, The Wizard’s Apprentice Deep in the Amazon Rainforest survives a culture of shamans and sorcerers. Old practitioners pass on their knowledge to younger generations, preserving an ancient way of life. But how will they deal with the [...]

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